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To have a friend -be a friend

To have a friend -be a friend

By: Michael S. Hatfield
June 8, 2015

Last week found me, among other things including the birth of a granddaughter, thinking about the very first friend I had in life. His name was Peter, known best to me as Pete. A blond-headed fellow of 5 years of age, we were totally inseparable playing Cowboys and Indians, Cops and Robbers and hiking in the fields behind our respective homes. Once, we even dug a fort and hid out against invading spacemen. We were absolutely best buds.

Pete would knock on my door to play, or I would knock on his as it was big and important business for us to stay best friends. Our friendship was sealed in blood by the ritual of making small cuts on each of our thumbs. We were playing Cowboys and Indians that day.

How simple life was back then in those early years, and how truly uncomplicated, fun, and joyful the wondrous days of summer could be! That is, until one day, very sadly, he moved off to some far away planet called Sacramento.

In the last twenty years, I had heard through one grapevine source Pete had become a home builder like his father, married his sweetheart, and then produced two wonderful children as well. But, I have not stayed in touch, I have not reached out, I have not made that periodic phone call, so how in the world would I ever know what or how he is doing?

I have justified to myself more than a few times, “I am too crazy busy!” doing this, doing that, raising children and earning a living. Obviously of Type “A” personality makeup, I have been an owner of multiple supermarkets, entrepreneur, 25-year Airline Captain, and a real estate Investor, Developer and Broker. People say, “are you really too busy for your friends?”

Right or wrong, we make choices in life that prevent us from staying in touch with old friends or even reaching out to meet new ones as our days are just too darned busy. More like “out of sight, out of mind.” “Yeah, right… ”

Perhaps now is a good time to transport ourselves back into contact with valued friends and acquaintances. Circle back and solidify those important out of contact relationships, before something happens and it becomes too late.

I ponder who will be my new-born granddaughter’s first friend and if she will make efforts to stay in touch with her BFF. After all, to have a friend, you absolutely must be a friend.
I realize now I have a telephone call to make!

Michael Hatfield enjoys working with quality clients as a Real Estate Broker with RE/MAX Accord in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. He has a passion for working with people and delights in applying his experience as a Home Builder, Developer, Airline Captain, and former Company President/CEO to the real estate goals of his clients. Michael has authored numerous articles on Airline and Real Estate matters, and has been featured on Radio Talk Shows and Seminars.

He may be reached at (925) 322-7775 or at His offices are in Danville, California.