Home Inspection

Home Inspection

Get it right the first time!

The inspection is the second major contingency after the financial contingency. This is before a buyer decides to purchase your home and he has the right to back out of the deal if the report indicates serious problems. A small amount of time that you spend now can go a long way, in getting a better deal for your home. Find out what the “Must Inspect” areas of your house are.

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The home inspection is an important part of selling your new home, and the inspector is the main piece of this puzzle. You need to choose the right inspector to ensure you get a valuable, thorough assessment of your home. A good home inspector will give you a detailed report. You can then take that report to the seller and discuss any outstanding items or issues that need to be resolved.

The Inspector’s Background

You want a professional, full-time home inspector to inspect your home. Ask about the company’s size, how long it’s been in business, how many inspections your inspector conducts annually, and whether the inspector regularly conducts inspections in your neighborhood. You want an inspector who has plenty of experience in your region. Ask for special licenses and certifications; many inspectors have backgrounds in related fields, like construction, architecture, plumbing or other home-related professions.

Ask What the Inspection Entails

You must be clear about the scope of the inspection. You want an inspector who will cover all of the property’s major structural features, including electrical system, the plumbing system, the heating and cooling system, the walls, the floors, the foundation and the roof.

Ask what kind of report your inspector will provide. A good inspector will provide a detailed description of your specific property’s structural and mechanical condition. You don’t want a boilerplate checklist, or a verbal report. Ask for sample reports to see the format, and whether the inspector provides a comprehensive, detailed analysis of the home’s structure. If you don’t get this from the inspection, you may as well have not had an inspection completed.