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Porta Potties line my entire Street!


By: Michael S. Hatfield
April 26, 2016

Just yesterday, a well-dressed lady approached me with Latte in hand and exclaimed, “My whole street is full of Porta Potties, trucks, and noise! Why is this happening to me, Mr. Realtor?”

Politely responding to her question, I said to Ms. Latte, “Ok, it’s not just happening to you and it is a very good thing. While most of our nation barely holds on to existing home values our Bay Area continues to appreciate year after year. Bay Area locales occupy 7 spots out of the top 10 on the list of the Hottest Housing Markets in the United States, and keep in mind, the construction industry is expected to experience 1.2 percent compounded annual growth for jobs 2014-2024! Construction means our Home Owners are feeling great about investing further in their homes and getting a return on their investment down the road. Also, importantly, Ms. Latte, we have a very real possibility of a Housing Boom happening right here.”

While noticing worry lines and scrooches on her forehead, I pulled out the article Housing, the Herd, and “She did It!” and handed it to her. And, before leaving the coffee shop, I was rewarded by a “knowing grin” from Ms. Latte.

Michael Hatfield enjoys working with Real Estate Buyers and Sellers as a Broker Associate with the Michael Hatfield RE/MAX Accord Team in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. His passion is in leveraging his Team’s *Five Star Agent* abilities as priority #1 to his client’s real estate goals. A frequent guest on Pat Vitucci’s “Your Financial Life” on KGO TalkRadio 810am, Michael is also heard on KCBS 740am and KKSF NewsTalk Radio 910am.

Michael may be reached at (925) 322-7775 or His offices are at RE/Max Accord in Danville with 9 more locations serving the Bay Area.