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My Cheapest Way to Get Happy

My Cheapest Way to Get Happy

By: Michael S. Hatfield
December 05, 2015

Generally-speaking, the people who inhabit this planet have gone absolutely freaking bonkers. The media with its perpetual spin on seemingly-everything they print, require careful and thoughtful analysis just to decipher any truth in what is read. The topics are too seldom uplifting or heartwarming and all too often dark and depressing.

Pseeesh, I don’t much care for that, no darn wonder people are crazy!

I recall my awesome and joyful mother, one who always had a smile on her face and a “come-on-in-sit-right-down-let-me-fix-you-something-to-eat” for any guest, said it right: “There will be famines, wars, worries, and people who’ve gone mad, but you do not have to buy in to any of that unhappiness.” OK, what can I do to stay out of that mud hole, dear lady? Tell me!!

More often right than not, mom beheld an internal happiness and playful demeanor. Never in life would she hurt another person intentionally. I, for one, like that quality a lot and am just beginning to understand why she “made herself” that way.

I do so admire human beings who are able to outwardly radiate happiness and well-being, and even more those worthies who are able to resonate that same enviable joy to those around them. These people are powerful!!

What is the name of that quality… it sounds a bit, like, gratitude? Yep, sure is, just so. My thoughts on gratitude being a wonderful “attitude of gratitude” may be similar to the deeper meaning of the Hawaiian term “aloha.”

“Aloha is the joyful sharing of life energy in the present.” Humm. Joyful, sharing, life energy, here and now–I like it! Why can’t I be more like that? How can I be better at sharing uplifting thoughts and joyful spirit right here, right now with people I meet? I deduce that I must be full–inside myself so to speak–of those beautiful qualities to be capable of sharing them with others. Some wonderful people just have a natural ability to generate warm and friendly energy when they greet others and when farewells are said.

When the spirit of aloha is deployed by others, I find myself empowered with the most wonderful sense of warmth and joy–that sense that I’ve connected with another fellow being sharing thoughts of goodness and life’s wonderful blessings.

Just what can I do to program myself to be more of that nature, naturally? I believe boys, girls, women and men are able to develop that wonderful attribute by learning to be thankful, with a readiness to show appreciation and to return kindness. That’s learned ability, and that’s gratitude, baby.

If I can just be eternally grateful, you know, internally, how do I solidify gratitude as a part of my life and share it with others in the here and now? And, why would I want to practice that? “It is good for your soul, my son, good for your soul. It is not happiness that brings us gratitude, it’s gratitude that brings us happiness,” said mom. I now realize she had armed herself to deal with negativity by empowering herself by simply being and sharing gratitude.

So, I resolve daily to utter the following mantra: “I am grateful for my supreme being, I am grateful for my life, I am grateful for my health, I am grateful for my soulmate, I am grateful for my awesome children, I am grateful for my home, and I am grateful for awesome friends like you.”

A positive outlook is much healthier, mentally and physically, for one to behold than a negative outlook. “I think I can, I think I can,” said the little Choo Choo. That’s right!

Am I happy? You bet! I am getting better each and every day at practice of gratitude! Being grateful is a lot like petting a little puppy.

May much happiness and life’s blessings be yours throughout this wonderful and joyful season of sharing!

Michael Hatfield enjoys working with Real Estate Buyers and Sellers as a Broker Associate with the Michael Hatfield RE/MAX Accord Team in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. His passion is in leveraging his Team’s *Five Star Agent* abilities as priority #1 to his client’s real estate goals. A frequent guest on Pat Vitucci’s “Your Financial Life” on KGO TalkRadio 810am, Michael is also heard on KCBS 740am and KKSF NewsTalk Radio 910am.

Michael may be reached at (925) 322-7775 or at His offices are at RE/Max Accord in Danville with 9 more locations serving the Bay Area.