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Have you wondered why huge jet airplanes just don’t fall from the sky?
Ever wanted to learn how to fly or just want to know more?

Join us February 25, 2017 for “Dreams of Flight-Amongst the Airplanes” – Seats are limited.

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ONLINE RE-BROADCAST: Michael Hatfield guest on Don’t Invest and Forget with Pat Vitucci

What’s holding you back?

KCBS 1333 Lawrence Rd., Danville

Michael Hatfield – RE/MAX

Michael Hatfield, guest speaker on KGO Talk Radio 810AM, KKSF NewsTalk Radio 910AM, KSRS 1350AM, and KDOW 1220AM. “Author, Television and Radio Personality Pat Vitucci, famous for “Don’t Invest and Forget,” interviews Guest Michael S. Hatfield Broker Associate with RE/MAX Accord on “Your Financial Life.”


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Michael Hatfield, Guest Appearances on Pat Vitucci’s KKSF NewsTalk Radio 910am

Michael Hatfield guest speaker on KKSF NewsTalk Radio 910am
Pat Vitucci’s “Your Financial Life” aired March 1, 2014.