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A Home is Not a Home Without a Harley

By: Michael S. Hatfield
May 27, 2015

harleyA home is a home, but it is better with Harley, just plain better. The moment you come in the door, Harley is there to greet with a kiss (if you let him) and this little wag-from-side-to-side dance that he does so expertly. Plain cute, it is sure to elicit a grin every time from anyone who might suffer from the worst of days at the office.

If you need extra love, just forget something out in the car and re-enter your home three minutes later. The re-arrival is sure to ellicit, one more time, the same kiss and greeting he gave you a few moments before.

Oh, yes, you do have challenges of keeping hardwood floors and carpets acceptable. Harley also has his own accelerated discolored lawn plan certain to show this owner is in “drought compliance.” But, there is that point in life where a pup’s version of unrestricted love is absolutely worth the price. Besides, he is a short hair Shepherd, the color of white, and it takes just one, perhaps two extra vacuums per week.

I gotta disclose to you the subject of puppy “guilt factor.” Pups are very adept at applying this emotion to their Master better than almost anyone or anything. Should you have to leave to go to work, that departure in Harley’s mind is “optional” and a “bad choice” of how to spend the day. Walks with treats come first, even better if there is a ball to chase.

He has this “charm-look” that he designed specifically for begging. When he pours on his “charm look,” you have already given him a treat without even knowing you’ve been “worked,” pal.

We first moved into our home nearly thirty years ago, and have been so very fortunate to enjoy the love and support of a puppy ever since. My lady settled on the beauty of the White German Shepherd long ago, and when our first dog Mika left us, Harley gracefully took over her job.

Not that it is easy to guard a home, mind you, plus raise two adult children and a Mom and Dad. At two and a half, Harley handles his “dog job” with flair, finesse, and downright coolness. We as a family are undoubtedly some number better for it. After all, dogs can and often do teach people how to behave.

Meeting his cousin Lukas today for the first time, and, after “getting the news,” they became fast buddies right from the git-go. But true to Shepherd form, Harley maintained just a little aloofness projecting “I am the Alpha one here, buddy, as I am older and bigger.” Lukas was OK with it, but I am not sure I am a-OK with Harley taking over the Alpha job in our family.

Select your real estate professional, and buy that lovely home in the San Francisco Bay Area. You might want to leave room for the love of a puppy family member. Puppies are incredibly entertaining fun, and quite frankly, a home just is not a home without a Harley.

Michael S. Hatfield thoroughly enjoys working in Residential and Commercial Real Estate as a Broker Associate with RE/MAX Accord in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. He has a passion for working with quality people and delights in applying his experience as a Home Builder, Developer, former large company CEO and President to his clients real estate goals.

Michael has also served as a Captain and FAA Designated Lead Airline Check Pilot for one of the nation’s largest Domestic and International Airlines. His position placed him center stage in the safe operation of large turbine-powered Commercial Passenger Jets for 25 years inclusive of the the tragic 911 era. As an Aviation Consultant, he authored articles and Newsletters on Airline Passenger Safety.

He may be reached at (925) 984-1339 or at His offices are in Danville, California.